Rent a piano | Leasing

Rent a piano | Leasing

We are fully flexible with our rental services to suit your needs!


  • New and used grand pianos, upright pianos, digital pianos as well as keyboards
  • Well-known brands with a very high quality standard
  • Low monthly payments
  • Buyer‘s option at any time – all paid rentals are taken into account!
  • Ability to return the piano at any time after a 6 month minimum rental period (period of notice: only 1 month)
  • You need a piano very urgently? No problem at all – Click here to check out all the pianos we currently do have in stock. You are very welcome to try them out – deliveries are possible very shortly!

Monthly rental fee

The monthly rental fee is calculated by the recommended retail price (RRP) at the time the rental contract is signed:

  • Acoustic instruments: 1.5 percent of the recommended retail price
  • Digital instruments: 6 percent of the recommended retail price (Deposit: 20 percent!)

All acoustic instruments are checked and tuned before delivery by our piano technicians. The transport will be carried out by a transportation company specialised in delivering pianos.

Summary – Terms of contract

  • Minimum period of rental: 6 months
  • After 6 months you can either rent it as long as you wish or return it with a notice period of 1 month
  • Buyer‘s option: All paid monthly rental fees as well as the deposit are taken into account in case you decide to buy the rental instrument at any time! Commencing from the 13th month of rental we will charge you only 0.5 percent of the particular remaining purchase value each month. Interest is to accrue each month until you have paid off the full purchase value of the instrument, but you pay all interest accrued after the value of the instrument is paid off. That means: If you return the piano, there is no interest at all!
  • If you have further questions concerning the terms of contract don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more information see document: „Rental contract“.

Do you want to change some contract details?

Our terms and conditions are flexible – we can adapt them according to your wishes as far as possible!

Sample calculation


Yamaha digital piano YDP 145:

Recommended retail price (RRP) € 1.233,00
20% down payment (=deposit to be paid back in case it is returned) €    247,00
6% monthly rental fee €      74,00
Remaining purchase value after e.g. 13 months €      24,00

Yamaha upright piano B1PE:

Recommended retail price (RRP) € 4.521,00
1.5% monthly rental fee €      68,00
Delivery within Vienna, ground floor €    180,00
Deposit for the return transport, ground floor €    180,00
Remaining purchase value after e.g. 12 months (Deposit is already taken into account) € 3.525,00